Boat Fire Safety

It was just another routine fishing trip out of Freeport for four men aboard a 40-foot Viking.  The weather was good and everyone was excited about the prospects of a great trip.  Then someone smelled smoke. A quick peek under the hatch revealed flames coming from the aft end of one of the engines.  After … Read more

Get to know your GPS

To maximize your investment and minimize down time, every boater should take a little time and get to know your GPS. GPS (Global Positioning System) has made precise navigation a breeze for everyone from the wilderness hiker to the offshore boater. They’re small, relatively inexpensive, and generally easy to operate. However, knowing the basics on … Read more

Explaining WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System)

By now, almost everyone is familiar with GPS (Global Positioning System), and if you own an offshore boat then a GPS receiver is most likely the hub of your navigation equipment.  Most offshore mariners have heard the term WAAS used in conjunction with GPS, but just what is WAAS? Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) is an … Read more

Protect Electronics In Off-Season

For whatever reason, when the time comes, it helps to know how to protect your marine electronics while laying-up or stacking your boat.  Anyone who’s been around electronics for any length of time knows that one of the most common statements following the discovery of an electronic problem is “it was working when I turned … Read more

VHF Transmit Problems

The most common piece of electronics found on coastal and offshore boats is the VHF radio. Like most other electronics they’ve progressively gotten smaller and less expensive. Despite the small size and price, it’s still one of the best investments a mariner can make in the area of safety. Not only can you communicate with … Read more

3 Steps To Better Marine Electronics

Get the most out of your communication and navigation equipment by following these three important steps to better marine electronics. First – Buy quality electronics that are suited to your application. There are some pitfalls to beware of in the selection process. Everyone wants to get feedback from others who have purchased and used the … Read more

Don’t Overheat Your Marine Electronics

Summer is prime time for most boaters, but too much heat can push your electronics to their limit. Today’s marine electronics have bigger and brighter displays and tons of computing power. LCD displays produce lots of heat. Just put your hand next to that 42″ flat screen TV and see what I mean. Computers are … Read more

DSC On Your VHF Radio

Marine VHF radio DSC It’s simple, safe, & free, and you most likely already have it. Trying to call someone on your VHF radio has always been a challenge. For those unfamiliar with the process here’s a little analogy to help draw the picture. Imagine a large totally dark room, which we’ll name the “Call … Read more