About Us

The Beginning

In 1982 Signal Electronics began operations in Freeport, Texas providing service and sales to the local marine industry. Its founder, Dave Alston, had been working in the marine electronics business as an installer, technician, and shop manager for the previous ten years. Signal’s product lines, services, and customer base grew rapidly. Client vessels encompassed the entire spectrum from sport and commercial fishing to oilfield boats and drilling rigs to large ships. Signal’s work has reached points all around the globe.

The People

Dave Alston is still the principal owner and active in all facets of the business. His focus is on designing new systems, providing remote assistance to vessels around the world, and spending time working with other Signal personnel on projects.

Gary Downing, one of the top marine electronic technicians in the country, has over thirty-five years experience and leads the service end of the business. His vast experience, talent for troubleshooting, and friendly nature keep him in high demand with Signal’s clients.

Britney Crosson (Dave’s daughter) grew up around the business and has been active with Signal for many years. From running a branch office, to handling daily accounting functions, her role is critical to the success of the company.

Zach Alston (Dave’s oldest son) is the security manager for the company. However, his responsibilities go well beyond security, extending into all areas of the business. Signal has been part of his life since he was a young boy and his contributions are key to the future of the business.

The Future

Constantly focused on improving and increasing customer service, Signal keeps a vigilant watch on technology and the demands of its clients. Redefining the business is in no way foreign to Signal and those who run it. The sky’s the limit and very well may hold the next exciting phase of Signal Electronics. If you haven’t already, we strongly encourage you to consider making Signal Electronics your electronics company.

“Our Commitment To Quality Guarantees Your Satisfaction”